Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hey, you "cwing"?

Speaking directly to yours truly, Ogilvy is setting to launch a campaign to a market segment called "Cwingers," twenty-somethings often watching TV on the couch with a laptop open across their laps while taking calls or texting simultaneously. Their segment name is coined after those of us who swing from one medium right back to another, and the campaign will begin with a vignette during "Gossip Girl" then send viewers online to watch the middle or the end of the story.

What I like about the campaign is not only the smart targeting, but also their use of reality TV in the ads--which have I even mentioned, is a new line of Dove body wash--which are stories of four real women simililar to those we follow in Gossip Girl. Personally, they had me at "real-life Manhattan drama on my laptop," since that's how I normally catch up with guilty pleasures like The Hills and Gossip Girl anyway.

This is just another example of how smart targeting can get noticed when we truly think about who we as marketers are speaking to.