Monday, January 19, 2009

The beginning of my commentary...

Welcome to my online commentary on the digital landscape and Integrated Marketing & Communications (IMC). I hope you enjoy my thoughts on the matter, but I can't promise a plethora of insight in this forum. I honestly plan to just use it as a medium to work out some of my issues with the industry and questions regarding digital media, so the more feedback I can get, the better. I invite you to comment on my posts, and I hope to learn more about IMC from this blog and my classmates (and anyone else who stumbles upon this). 

This isn't my first attempt at blogging. During my time overseas--and more recently again--my husband and I documented our travels and foodie findings on Check it out. Especially if you like food and travel...preferrably when combined.

I do have friends who are true pros at blogging. Nicole writes and runs, and has actually been mentioned the NYPost and LA Times, among other special awards. My friend Coleen keeps us updated on her life with the Balent Times, a hilarious take on motherhood and the growth of a family. 

So I hope all of you enjoy reading my posts as much as I will yours. Looking forward to it!

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