Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes, Audi, Progress is Beautiful.

There's so much to say about the screen shot above, both with regard to Emerging Media and with the progress of our country, that I'm still a little speechless. Yesterday, the Inaugural celebration of Barack Obama was one of the most memorable and inspiring days in our lifetime, and as I watched President Obama's swearing in and inaugural address streaming live on my office computer, I couldn't help but think about the ease at which we all could be a part of this historic day. Even though I would have rather been on the National Mall squished between 1.5 million inspired Americans, there was something about cheering in my small office with my associate Icy Loury--who reminded me about Dr. King smiling down on us all--that just felt right. 

All of us couldn't make the trek to D.C., but because of the ease at which we can retrieve information--in this case, Audi's message as well--I knew I wouldn't miss out on being a part of this day in real time. 

Thank you And thank you, Audi. 

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