Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speaking of digital video

Has anyone heard of Hulu? I hadn't until I received an article from Ad Adge's "MediaWorks" e-newsletter debating the future plans of the brand, which seem to be, as of right now, vague after the next two years.

When I researched further, I found that Hulu is actually just a safe (legal) place to watch and/or download approved TV shows and movies. A similar program exists called Joost, however, Hulu is predicted to gain an edge on Joost because it doesn't require users to download any of the content. It's simply a place where they can stream the videos. 

Ad Age's article brings up the question: how will these online TV spots affect the value of advertising on traditional television. My question is this: how will we as marketers integrate this into our marketing plan and/or budget? Or when, for that matter? As we learn--especially with respect to emerging media--the best way to integrate a variety of effective media into our campaigns, new networks like Hulu will make our jobs increasingly complicated. To me, though, this just amplifies the importance of knowing our target audience and studying their psychographic profiles. Are these people that prefer to watch their favorite programs online? Or are these people looking forward to kicking back at the end of a long day in front of their 50" plasma? Because we are all so different, I don't think that sites like Hulu or Joost are going to necessarily detract from the value of TV advertising. They'll just make our job more exciting. 

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